Emergency Travel Documents


Consular Services

 4.1 Emergency Travel Documents 

 An Emergency Travel Document (ETD) is issued to a Ugandan who lost his/her passports or whose passport expired but urgently needs to travel to Uganda. It is a one-way travel document, and expires upon arrival at the point of entry to Uganda. You must be ready to apply for a new passport in Uganda before traveling outside the country. Applicants for ETD must prove beyond doubt that they are Ugandan citizens. The following are the requirements:

 a) Proof of Ugandan citizenship (e.g. photocopy of passport, National ID or any other document legally accepted in Uganda)

 b)  Completed Application Form for the Ugandan travel document (To be filled at the Embassy)

 c)    A Letter explaining why the applicant does not possess a valid Ugandan passport

 d) If the passport is lost, an original letter from the police of the country where it got lost from

 e)    Two (2) coloured passport-size photographs

 f)  Pay at Qatar National Bank US$ 90.00. Only bank receipts are accepted (for ETD)

 i) Bank:                      Qatar National Bank (QNB)

 ii) Account number:   0013-194362-053

 iii) Account name:        Uganda Embassy

 4.2 Passports

 For more information on passport applications and renewals please follow this link. 


 4.3 Attestation of documents (academic, birth certificates, marriage certificates, legal documents, letters of good conduct etc)


 a) The original document whose copy needs to be attested 


b) A copy of the original document bearing the original stamp of the issuing institution and the Ministry of  Foreign Affairs of Uganda 


c) A copy of the bio data page of a valid passport 


d) The original and a copy of a valid residence ID 


e) Pay at Qatar National Bank US$30.00 per copy to be attested. Only bank receipts are accepted at the Embassy.  


iv) Bank:                      Qatar National Bank (QNB)


v) Account number:   0013-194362-053


vi) Account name:        Uganda Embassy

 4.4 Letters of Residence 


Letters of residence are issued to Ugandans resident in Qatar who are unable to personally process their passport applications in Uganda. 




a) A copy of the bio data page of the passport. 


b) A copy of Uganda National ID.


c) Present a copy and an original Qatar Residence Permit.


d) A copy of employment contract.


e) No payment is required. 


4.5 Registration of Ugandan Citizens 


All Ugandans resident in Qatar are welcome and encouraged to register with the Embassy.