About the Embassy

The vision, mission and mandate of the Embassy, core values, guiding principles and functions of the Embassy and the location of the Embassy including the contacts


Vision– A secure Uganda and a prosperous people.


Mission – To promote and protect Uganda’s interests in the state of Qatar and areas of accreditation.

Embassy Mandate

The Embassy of the Republic of Uganda in Qatar is mandated to promote and protect Uganda's national interests in the State of Qatar and other countries of accreditation.


Guiding Principles


The Mission executes its mandate and implements the charter in line with Uganda's Foreign Policy guided by national, regional and international principles and legal documents including: 


i.   The 1995 Constitution of the Republic of Uganda as specifically laid down in objective no. XXVIII of the National Objectives and Directive principles of State policy;


ii. The Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of 1961;


iii. The Treaty for the Establishment of the East African Community;


iv.  The Treaty establishing COMESA;


v.   The Constitutive Act of the African Union;


vi.  The Charter of the United Nations;


  1. Strengthen bilateral Cooperation between Uganda and Qatar in areas of Cultural, Economic, Social, Political and Security.
  2. Facilitate promotion of Uganda’s exports of goods and Services to Qatar
  3. Attract foreign direct investments from Qatar and areas of accreditation.
  4. Promote Uganda as an attractive tourist destination.
  5. Facilitate the transfer of appropriate technology from Qatar in areas of renewable energy, agro-processing and Oil and Gas among others.
  6. Mobilize Uganda Diaspora in Qatar for their contribution to national development.
  7. Facilitate and follow up on implementation of bilateral agreements between Qatar and Uganda.
  8. Provide consular services to Ugandans.
  9. Sourcing scholarships and employment opportunities for Ugandans



West Bay, Saha 74,

Zone 66, Street 544

Building No. 9

P.O. BOX 5503, Doha -  Qatar 

Telephone +974 44277339 (during working hours)


Working hours: Sunday - Thursday 

Timing: 0900 hours to 1500 hours with a lunch break between 1300 -  1400 hours: